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Whoot whoot! Welcome to my first Real Bride Interview! I thought it would not only be fun, but beneficial to allow our Capital Brides, now Capital Wives (yassss), to share their experiences during their wedding planning process. Honestly as a former bride, I can say there is literally no short answer or way describe what wedding planning can be like because everyone has their own experiences! With this new series, you can get to know our Capital Wives a little better and also gain some insight. This series will be especially helpful to my newly engaged readers, Maid of Honors, mothers of the bride/groom, wedding party members, wedding guests, grooms….. basically everyone! Hope you love it, I have some seriously hilarious and personable brides.

First up is my lovely best friend & first Capital Bride, Melanie Wright! She got married back in April of this year, the cutest wedding of all time basically. Her husband Micah literally BOUGHT HER A STAR in her name (like in space, a star) and presented the certificate during his proposal. Can’t beat it, men take notes! Her wedding was in Williamsburg, VA at the Ford’s Colony Country Club. The day started a little rainy, but would you believe the sun came out the second she starting walking down the aisle. It was beautiful!  Couldn’t have been a better day and night, with some amazing vendors to bring it all together.

I gave her a list of twenty questions, and asked her to answer six! Read her honest & real answers below:

What do you remember about walking down the aisle to your future husband?

His face! I loved his expression. It was such a sweet moment; I will never forget it. He had such a cheesy little smile on his face. We also did not do a first look (hate those!) so it was the first time I saw him that day. I know you are able to get more pictures in by doing the first look, because you can begin the picture-taking process earlier; however, nothing will replace his face when you are walking down the aisle and he is seeing you for the first time. There will be way more emotions with him seeing you in a crowded room, in arm with your father (or whomever), in your wedding dress – than him seeing you in some open field with bugs flying in his face, with the sun beaming down on his head, and you waiting for him to cry so the photographer standing in his face can catch a pic! Ok, clearly I am biased, but my memory of seeing him walking down the aisle was priceless!

What was the most shocking/surprising thing you learned about planning a wedding?

How stressful it really was! People always tell you wedding planning is stressful, and honestly, they are right! One of my best expenses, went to hiring a wedding coordinator. Find it in your budget! Even if you only do a day-of service, it is so beneficial. They help tie up your lose ends, make a schedule for you, and worry about all of things you do NOT want to be worrying about on the days leading up to your wedding. You want to be setting up your flower arrangements with pin rollers in your head? Didn’t think so! Also, I would highly recommend Kelli McFall! 😉

One piece of advice for a newly engaged bride! Go!

Block out everyone else’s opinion (except your future husband!). You will never be able to please everyone. This is your (and your future husband’s) day! Do what makes you happy. Your MIL wants a sit down meal, you want heavy hors d’oeuvres – have hors d’oeuvres. Your FIL wants to be your officiant, but you want your friend – have your friend! Your mother always dreamed of seeing you in a ball gown dress, try one on for her, have her a take a picture, maybe frame it for her – and then order the A-line dress you love!

When it is all said and done, do what you love – it is your day and you want to walk away thinking it was the most magical day ever (which, of course you will regardless, but be stress-free and block out the overly opinionated people in your life)!

Did you have to slim down your original guest list? How did you do it?

Yes, I just knocked out all my husband’s family that I didn’t like! Kidding! That’s just what I wanted to do! But, seriously, our guest list was one of the hardest things for us. We both have a ton of extended family and friends we wanted to invite. You really just have to think about who is important. It sounds terrible, but if you haven’t seen your cousins baby mama’s kids in seven years, cut them! If you were a bridesmaid in a wedding five years and you haven’t spoken to the bride sense, bye!! A good rule of thumb is – who will I still be speaking to in ten years? Your wedding memories and pictures will last a lifetime, you want them filled with people who have been there for you, and will continue to be there for you in the future! You cannot invite everyone you know.

Another easy way, have a smaller wedding. If you say you will only invite 100 people, people will have to understand. Blame it on the small venue you love – tell them you wanted a super intimate wedding!

Also! Kids, cut em! That’s another easy way to slim your list down!

Did you have a photo booth? If so, what moved your decision to rent one?

Yes! And I loved it. I always enjoy going into photo booths during other people’s weddings and I felt like our guests really enjoyed ours – especially our boring guests who didn’t drink or dance! Our photo booth company also compiled copies of all of the photo booth photos for us in a book, and everyone wrote a message to us by their picture. We loved looking back on it and seeing everyone. However!! If you don’t want to drop the money for a photo booth, make a mock booth. Have a backdrop, set up a tripod and put a fun props out! (If you hire Kelli M as your wedding coordinator, I am sure she will give you a few DIY tips on this!)

How did you decide your style of bar service?

We first thought we would only do beer and wine, but ended up adding liquor. So glad we did!! It was a big expense for us, but honestly, it helps everyone loosen up and have a good time. We didn’t do a complete open bar, we had two signature drinks, a bride drink and groom drink (which help cut costs)! I think you have to know your guests, and think about what they typically drink. But, with that said, if you cannot afford a bar service, I would recommend just, not having anything. I highly discourage anyone from attempting a cash bar. Most people do not bring cash to a wedding and/or don’t want to pull out their credit card. Your guests have already spent time and money on attending your special day. So, either treat them, with a drink – or have that cake time coffee handy.

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