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Words to describe your ceremony, 3 Words to describe your reception.

3 words for my ceremony would be Christ-centered, perfection and fairytale. 3 words for the reception would be cheers, dancing and party!


What do you remember about walking down the aisle to your future husband?

I remember the look on his face as tears rolled down his cute cheeks! He looked like a little boy on Christmas waiting for his present and it took everything in me not to run down the aisle to get to him!


One piece of advice for a newly engaged bride! Go!

My piece of advice for a newly engaged bride is to soak in every moment, take your time and be on your own timeline and remember what it is all about, marrying the love of your life!


What was the biggest compliment you received about your wedding?

The biggest compliment we received is that the wedding was the godliest one our guests had attended and that our love for Christ and each other was completely evident, which was the goal of our special day! They also loved how much dancing we had!


One piece of honeymoon planning advice for a newly engaged bride?

My advice for the honeymoon is that if at all possible book an all-inclusive resort! We found the perfect place called Secrets Capri in Riviera Maya, Mexico and did not have to worry about one thing the whole week! Having great food, great service and a beautiful environment just added to the excitement of being on our honeymoon and wasn’t too far away (only 5 hours by flight) so we got to maximize our time away!


What’s the best thing about married life?

The best thing about married life is getting to have a sleepover with your best friend every day, getting to know each other even better and finding new ways to serve one another. Married life is literally the best thing ever!

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