Blog Four

Words to describe your ceremony, 3 Words to describe your reception. 3 words for my ceremony would be Christ-centered, perfection and fairytale. 3 words for the reception would be cheers, dancing and party!   What do you remember about walking down the aisle to your future husband? I remember the look on his face as

Blog Three

Whoot whoot! Welcome to my first Real Bride Interview! I thought it would not only be fun, but beneficial to allow our Capital Brides, now Capital Wives (yassss), to share their experiences during their wedding planning process. Honestly as a former bride, I can say there is literally no short answer or way describe what

Blog Two (Part 2)

Everyone will have an opinion. Whether it’s before the wedding, whether it’s during the wedding or whether it’s after the wedding everyone may seem to have an opinion about what the day should be like or what it should have been like. Hopefully they keep their comments to themselves but unfortunately some may not! When

Blog Two (Part 1)

  Actually eat at or before the reception. Before I got married everyone and their mom told me “make sure to take some time to eat at the reception! There will be so much going on you’ll forget!” Well listen, I tried my darnest to sit down and eat but nope, maybe got a couple