Blog Two (Part 2)

  • Everyone will have an opinion.
  • Whether it’s before the wedding, whether it’s during the wedding or whether it’s after the wedding everyone may seem to have an opinion about what the day should be like or what it should have been like. Hopefully they keep their comments to themselves but unfortunately some may not! When you think about a wedding you think of happy tears, dancing giggles, laughter and overall joy in the room.  You almost expect all of those loved ones you invited to one of the most important days of your life will be genuinely happy for you! But previous to the wedding especially during the planning stage you might notice people from everywhere sharing their opinion.  If you read my first post, then you totally understand my stance on this potential
    issue. Consider the suggestions you like and do away with those you don’t!


    1. Choosing a reliable & available wedding party.

    Unfortunately this is not the movies where all of your friends and all of your to-be-husbands or to-be-wives friends are super available all the time whenever you need them for every event during the wedding planning process! People have full-time jobs, they’re in school, they have families and full schedules just like you do. Be super realistic when it comes to choosing your wedding party, depending on how involved you want them to be during the process. Also, try to be very understanding for those who can’t be there for you for everything!


    1. Plan for “unexpected” guests. Just in case.

    This is something I always tell my brides! When you sit down to plan out your seating chart, guest list, catering etc. leave a couple seats open for extra guests just in case. Unfortunately, the art of the RSVP is not something everyone is in to. People may RSVP yes, then not come. Or People may RSVP no and then actually come! And YES, uninvited people might come too! (ahhhhhhhh the audacity!) If you want to be really strict, these unexpected guests could always be turned away but in order to be more considerate extra seats may be the best way to go!


    1. HAVE FUN.

    This you would think was a given, but sometimes our emotions can overwhelm us! There’s no such thing as a perfect wedding day, so let it ride! If it rains, have a backup plan. If you’re stressed, reach out for help. If your dress rips (ouch!), it sucks but you’ll never get this day back, so ENJOY! You’re getting married and nothing else in the world matters besides that on your big day. Hug your loved ones, dance until your feet ache, laugh until you cry, and go off in the sun set with your new spouse!

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